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1. Setting up your personal account and account security.

2. Balance replenishment.

3. Item search and seller search.

4. Purchase.

5. Pre-order.

6. Refund of purchase.

7. Conflict resolution.

8. Chat communication.

9. Recommendations for personal safety.

10. General issues.


1. Setting up your personal account and account security.

After you have successfully registered and paid the fee, you need to set up your personal account.

Click the red button on the main page of the shop in the upper right corner   , select «Settings»:

* you should specify only your current Jabber, because if you need to restore access to your account on the sanwells project, you will receive a recovery code on your Jabber


IMPORTANT: After registration, first of all, you need to protect your account with a PIN code.

* Be careful, don’t forget your PIN code, the project administration doesn’t store your passwords and PIN codes.

** Account recovery is a $50 fee-based procedure.


2. Balance replenishment.

Select the “Balance” tab on the main page of the shop in the upper right corner

You will go to the balance replenishment page, you can choose in what way and with which cryptocurrency you would like to replenish the balance.

Currently, replenishment of the balance with the BTC / LTC cryptocurrency is available.

Also, there is a way to replenish via QR-code for your convenience.

To replenish the balance, transfer funds to the address indicated on the line.

Click the payment confirmation button after replenishment.

If the payment was not found, try checking in 15 minutes.

I replenished the account, but the money didn’t come to the account, what should I do?

If after 3 confirmations in the Bitcoin network, the funds were not credited to your account:

1. Check the wallet address to which you sent the funds with your wallet address in the Balance replenishment section.  If the addresses didn’t match, then you were mistaken when replenishing the balance.  We can’t help you in this situation.

2. If you checked 1 point and the wallet addresses matched, open a ticket with tech support.


* When paying with bitcoins or lightcoins, the money will come after 3 confirmations.  The process can take a few minutes to an hour.  It usually takes 30 minutes.

** Don’t use old addresses.  Use the address above.  If you don’t see the address for more than 15 minutes, reload to the Tor browser.


3. Item search and seller search.

The search is carried out mainly on specific sites and keywords in our shop.  That is, in simple words, you need to write a link to the site you are interested in (chase / chase.com)

1. Click “Shop”on the main page:

2. Use the search bar, select a section and a category, or start typing in a category name: chase / amazon / flood / etc.

3. You can also find an item via the “Section” and “Category” tabs

Example: You want to find Chase.com with mail access.  Select in the “Section” tab Bank acc + Email Access to do this, and select the bank you are looking for in the “Category” tab.

You will be transferred to a page where you will see the sellers selling this item.

Which seller is better / how to choose a seller?

All our sellers are the best sellers on DarkNet!  Each seller passed an interview and provided his item for inspection.

Each seller has a rating / reviews / sales statistics, this is primarily worth paying attention to.


4. Purchase.

So, you have decided with the seller, decided what kind of item you will buy, don’t hurry, each seller has rules for the category, warranty time.

You see an example of an item and category rules by clicking "to buy” an item.

Review them carefully, it depends on whether the warranty on your purchased item will be valid.

You automatically agree to the rules by purchasing the item.


5. Pre-order.

The buyer can contact the seller and order the item by reservation, both parties agree on a ticket, formulate and discuss all the terms of the transaction:

- Name of an item, its equipment;

- The number of items;

- Price for the item or for the entire order;

- Lead time;

- Warranty time for the item / order;

- The time of payment of the invoice by the buyer; 

After completing the order, the seller invoices the buyer for payment.

After you have paid the bill, the seller provides the item.

The warranty time comes from the moment you saw the item on the ticket.

This time is automatically fixed by the system as the reference time of the warranty period.

You can open a dispute on the ticket if any of the conditions have not been met by the seller or because the item is not suitable.


The fine for non-payment of the invoice by the buyer is $ 50/100/200 / permanent ban;

In case of fraud on the part of the buyer , namely the receipt of goods and non-payment in the future , the administration reserves the right to unilaterally deprive the current status of the buyer up to a permanent ban on the project.


6. Refund of purchase.

To replace / refund, you need to open a correctly issued ticket for the seller:

1. Click “Purchases” on the shop’s main page:

2. Click the “Refund” button:

3. On the ticket, provide information on confirming / explaining the problem through 2 full-size screenshots of the screen or video:

- screenshot:

a) From the original site of your purchase (chase.com/amazon.com/etc) on which there should be a problem with your account and login / password to identify evidence.

b) From whoer.net, on which the system you are using and the level of anonymity should be indicated.

* All screenshots should show the system time.

** Cropped, not full screenshots will not be accepted as evidence

*** You can use free programs: joxi / monosnap / prnscrn to create online screenshots, use Google to search for these programs.

Google to search for these programs.

- Add the IP address that you use to log in

- Explain your purchase problemm


The “Refund” button becomes inactive after the warranty period expires.

If you didn’t manage to open a ticket during the warranty time, but you have screenshots with the warranty time indicated on them, you can open a support ticket indicating the purchase number and providing screenshots as evidence.

If after the expiration of the warranty time, you didn’t manage to open a ticket to refund the item, and you don’t have screenshots with evidence, such tickets will not be considered.



7. Conflict resolution.

We have to understand that we all do business, and there can be no dispute in business.

When you can’t solve an issue with the seller on the ticket, the buyer can open a dispute in the ticket by clicking the “Dispute” button;

The moderator will address your concern and make a decision.

I opened a ticket for refund/compensation, but the seller closed the ticket without consideration, what should I do?

In this case, you need to open a ticket in support by specifying the ticket number. To open a ticket for moderator :

- Click the “Support” button on the main page of the shop in the upper right corner:

- Then click “Create a new ticket

- Fill the header with a brief description of the problem.

- Select the type of problem in the “Section” field

- Describe your problem in detail. Enter the ticket number.

The moderator will address your concern and make a decision.

I opened a ticket for refund/compensation, but the moderator made the decision not to refund me, what should I do?

If you disagree with the moderator's decision and consider it to be unfounded, you can open a ticket for the administration of the project.

To create a ticket for the administration, you need to:

- Click the “Support” button on the main page of the shop in the upper right corner:

- Then click “Create a new ticket”:

- Fill the header with a brief description of the problem.

- Select “Administration” in the “Department” field

- Describe your problem in detail. Specify the ticket number in which the moderator made a decision.

I paid the invoice, and the seller is silent after the payment, what should I do?

- When creating a pre-order you have to set the terms in which the seller should deliver the item to you.

- If the seller is silent in the ticket after payment and after the deadline of delivery of the item, you can open a dispute in this ticket.

The moderator will address your concern and make a decision.

I bought a bad item, and the seller is silent in the ticket, what should I do?

There is no need to open a dispute in the ticket after two hours if the seller doesn't answer.

We should not forget that we are all humans and live in different time zones, perhaps the seller is asleep at the moment when you opened the ticket.

Therefore, we use Moscow time for convenience and time reference.

- If the seller did not answer you within 24 hours after opening a ticket, open a dispute.

The moderator will address your concern within 12 hours and make a decision in the ticket within 24 hours.(it depends on the complexity of the situation in the ticket)

Why was my ticket not accepted / closed without an answer?

Your ticket does not meet the requirements for consideration:

1. The ticket was opened after the warranty period to check;

2. The ticket has no information about the evidence / no evidence;

3. The information on the evidence you provided does not meet the requirements (cropped screenshots on which we can't determine what account they belong to);

4. Falsification of the evidence (is punishable by blocking the account without the right of re-registration)

5. Insulting the seller (the ticket will be closed without a solution)

6. Duplicate ticket (1 order = 1 ticket)

7. You have high percentage of refunds and there are suspicions that you are a fraud (with the obvious belief of fraud, account lockout without right of recovery).


I bought a duplicate / this account was sold to me before, what is it?

It happens, but very rarely! No, sellers don’t sell the same item many times, this is a technical defect which we are working to resolve the problem at the shop level.

I'll explain why this happens: sellers work with a huge number of databases, each takes these databases in his channels, but the records in the databases can be repeated.

Sellers sort and eliminate duplicates in the database, but some rows may be in another database from another vendor.

At this moment, it may happen that if sellers have one and the same query (example: amazon), they both will get / find one and the same account and put up for sale.

Therefore, these are not deliberate incidents that occur without their fault, because sellers can’t control this among themselves and solution is under development at the shop level.

Open a ticket for the seller, explain the situation to him providing evidence . The seller will remove the item or will offer you a refund/compensation.

If the seller is silent, or refuses to refund, open a dispute in the ticket.

The moderator will consider your complaint and make a decision.


8. Chat communication.

In chat it is allowed:

- Communication with other chat participants that does not contradict the general provisions of the rules.

In conversation it is forbidden:

- Begging, asking for money, messages with wallet numbers;

- Messages about requests to replace the account;

- Requests to enter / check / answer / solve a ticket;

- Insulting other users and sellers;

- To write messages about the sale of something;

- Request for seller’s contact information, as well as the publication of their contact information;

- To duplicate messages;

- To distribute your contacts: ICQ, jabber, Yahoo messenger and the like;

- Using privnote.com or other similar services;


- Threats;

The cost of unlocking chat after blocking:

- 1st lock - $ 25;

- 2nd lock - $ 50;

- 3rd lock - $ 150;

The 4th lock will be final without the ability to unlock!

Chat blocking occurs after 5 warnings about violation of chat rules.

I was blocked in a chat / accrued penalty points, what did I do?

First of all, the moderator will not just block the chat or give out penalty points.

Go to the notification section and look for what message you receive penalty points, check the subject of your message with the chat rules.

In case that the moderator blocked you unfairly, you can file a complaint with the administration by submitting evidence.


9. Recommendations for personal safety.

Is it safe on your site?

Security should be yours, we can’t guarantee you safety on our part, since you yourself must understand where you are. Responsibility for your safety, you are solely responsible for yourself.

What advise for safe surfing on the Internet?

There are minimum requirements that do not require special skills for installation and their configuration, namely:

1. VPN. We advise you to create your own personal server!

2. TOR Browser.

3. DO NOT use your work machine, for your personal goals (social network / ordering the goods on your home / etc., which can connect / get out on you)


10. General issues.

How to become a seller on the project?

1. Read the rules: (http://sanwellsr2fiwriu.onion/rules)

- 4.Vendors of the project, verification of sellers. 

- 5.Trade on the project. Cooperation. Duties of sellers. Rights of Sellers. Payments. Commission of the store. http://sanwellsr2fiwriu.onion/rules

2. Create a ticket to the Administration and describe your proposal, after that the Member of Administration will contact you and will conduct an interview

How to get the status of PRO?

This status is not sold, it is automatically issued by our system on condition of statistics:

1. The total amount of replenishment is $2500 + ;

2. Returns> 20% ;

3. Rating of 150+;

How to speed up the transaction bitcoin / hung transaction bitcoin, what to do?

As you know, Bitcoin's network has been constantly spoiled recently, and there is a struggle for control over this business. Because of this, ordinary users suffer, who often face the need to wait long for the confirmation of their translation.

So, if you have a transaction that has a commission of at least 0.0001BTC / KB, you can FREE it with the help of the Transaction Accelerator service

>> https://pool.viabtc.com/tools/txaccelerator/

Just enter the TXID of your transaction and CAPTCHA!

Where in the "Transaction ID" field you need to insert the ID of your transaction, the screenshot shows that it is the transaction ID: http://prntscr.com/


If after entering the ID and captcha you saw the inscription, as shown in the screenshot:


You need to try again.

By experience, I can say that the best time to accelerate the transaction is the first minutes of the new hour.

The service processes are no more than 1 transaction with 1 IP per day.



Write to the seller

IP address * Proof your ip, screenshot from whoer.net * Link proof screen/video *